An Introduction to Rotomaster Turbochargers

6th Jan 2023

An Introduction to Rotomaster Turbochargers

Rotomaster is the turbocharger and component specialist. Their passion for innovative engineering fuels their vision to succeed as the world’s premier turbo designer and manufacturer.

Their commitment to service excellence drives development for custom-fit solutions for each customer – all delivered with excellent value and integrity.

Rotomaster began operations in Vancouver, Canada in 1978 as a supplier to Original Equipment manufacturers. Starting out in the heavy-duty market and later expanding into light, medium-duty, power sports, industrial and marine vehicles, Rotomaster serves as both a Tier One and aftermarket supplier.

With ISO 9001-certified locations in Canada, USA and China, Rotomaster is paving the way for innovative turbo design, scalable manufacturing, state-of-the-art testing and expert technical support.

With over 40 years experience, Rotomaster is recognized worldwide as the industry leader in performance, innovation, durability and value.