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KC Turbos

Coolant Re-Route Kit - 6.0L POWERSTROKE (2003-2007)

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Coolant Re-Route Kit


When you install the Odawgs s3r intake manifold, the coolant no longer runs through the stock location. This is a simple, yet effective way to re route the coolant, and keep you cool on the road.

This kit uses a special nylon Tee that is 3/4 inch on two ends and 5/8 inch in the middle, as the hose that connects to the oil cooler outlet is 5/8 inch but the heater core hose is 3/4 inch. Hose clamps keep everything secured and a HD nylon 3/8 inch 3-way Tee takes care of the degas bottle hose that use to connect to the coolant portion of the intake manifold. It is made out of heat resistant hose that is rated for the extreme heat and pressures of the cooling system.

Here is a quick video to help with installation:

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