Core Policy

Core Submittal & Turbocharger Purchase Procedure

  1. Customer submits Turbocharger Core to TURBOS.COM
  2. TURBOS.COM inspects and grades the Turbocharger Core
  3. TURBOS.COM approves the Turbocharger Core
  4. TURBOS.COM applies the Core Credit
  5. Customer purchases the applicable Turbocharger with the Core Credit applied


Turbocharger Core Policy

Turbochargers endure severe heat, extended duty cycles, and extreme operating environments with every engine start-up. Internal turbocharger components are designed to withstand these environments, but after a lifecycle has been achieved, these components need to be replaced. New bearings, gaskets, and seals can give a turbocharger new life.

The process of Remanufacturing effectively recycles a turbocharger, replaces any worn components, and adds another lifecycle to the turbocharger.

A Turbocharger Core is the used and worn turbocharger removed from a vehicle. This is a complete turbocharger that is in need of refreshing, but has not experienced any catastrophic failures. Externally, all of the major parts are intact and in proper working order. Internally, a Turbocharger Core needs to be deep-cleaned, inspected, and rebuilt with new components to give it new life.

Turbocharger Cores are collected, inspected, and graded to determine their ability to be remanufactured. Some turbocharger product offerings are labeled Remanufactured and include a Core Charge as an additional cost. This core charge is an incentive for customers to trade-in a good condition turbocharger core in exchange for a Core Credit. This core charge differs from product to product, but it represents the value of a good condition turbocharger core. If a turbocharger core is received and passes inspection, a Core Credit will be issued, saving the customer a significant amount on the purchase of a turbocharger.

Core Charges are noted on each applicable product and will be a required selection for purchase and checkout. Cores can be submitted to TURBOS.COM prior to a turbocharger purchase by using the Contact Us form. After initial contact, we will request images of the turbocharger core and provide shipping instructions for further inspection. If the turbocharger core is inspected and approved, the customer will receive the Core Credit.

If the turbocharger is inspected and denied, TURBOS.COM can offer an alternative Core Credit for the perceived value of the core. This offer can be accepted or denied by the customer. If denied by the customer, the turbocharger core will be returned to the return address provided by the customer.

If a customer does not own a turbocharger core, but wishes to purchase a product with a core charge, the core charge can be paid at checkout in lieu of submitting a turbocharger core and the product will be shipped to the customer.

Similarly, Turbocharger Cores can be submitted for Rebuild and Return Services, also known as R&R Services. In the case for R&R Services, customers can send in good condition Turbocharger Cores and have them rebuilt by TURBOS.COM. This service cleans and retains the original parts from your turbocharger core and replaces everything that has experienced wear and tear. The result is your same turbocharger, but renewed and ready for another lifecycle. Please complete the Contact Us form and have images ready to get started with R&R Services.